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Leather Scorecard Holder (The Hawk)

Leather Scorecard Holder (The Hawk)

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You step out onto the first tee in the morning. The sun is at your back, dew glistening on the grass. There’s a gentle hum of mowers off in the distance and the smell of freshly cut grass fills your senses. You’re ready for that first shot of the round. You reach to your back pocket and grab your scorecard and yardage book. Do you want to ruin that feeling with a cheap faux leather vinyl thing from China? Or do you want that feeling and smell to be as natural as your surroundings?

 The Hawk leather scorecard holder is handmade with full-grain leather by a local artisan who has been leather crafting for nearly 70 years! These quality items are made one at a time and lovingly dyed a deep, dark brown color. With a pencil strap and pockets for both your scorecard and yardage book, you will feel like a professional golfer every time you pull it out of your pocket. Because these are hand made and hand dyed, there will be some slight variation in size and color.

 If you are interested in a more custom look, I can custom order one with your initials on the flip side for a small additional fee (2-3 week delivery). Just drop me a note on the Contact page.

100% hand made in the USA.



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