About Us

golf forever


Tired of the lack of options for accessories at my local golf store, I decided it was time to make my own. I reached out to my network of contacts and began to build a line of interesting and high-quality items. There are a number more in the works, so stay tuned as Loop Lyfe grows. I want to focus on the best of the best products, taking my time to find something great that I know people will love.



Why Loop Lyfe? Many reasons. First, let's be honest, the website address was actually available (ha-ha). Second, I am a math and stats nerd at heart and have been since before I even started kindergarten. The infinity sign logo is reminiscent on my one and only tattoo (a Mobius Strip). Add that together with the long-used term of Loop and Looper in referring to a round of golf and caddy, and I couldn't think of a better way to bring together my love of math and golf.



As golf goes, I started playing at about 12 by hitting balls around my Aunt & Uncle's cow pasture (literally) in western Missouri. First time on a course at 14 and I have been playing on and off ever since (nearly 30 years now). There's just something about the game that I can't stay away from. The sunshine, fresh air, and the challenge are all things that bring me back. I am currently about a 14 handicap with hopes of getting down under 10 in the next couple of years. 



So, welcome to my pride and joy, my Loop Lyfe. May you Golf Forever!