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Original Golf Bag Towel

Original Golf Bag Towel

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You just flushed your 7 iron onto the green. It was the kind of shot you don't even feel when it comes off the club. If there was a gallery watching you are sure there would have been applause. You replace the perfect looking divot you just made and stroll back to the cart. You smile a bit more as your grab your favorite golf towel to tuck your baby back in the bag.

Introducing one of the most unique, high-quality golf towels ever produced.  It's half-Plush / half-Waffle construction, also known as Hybrid Weave, creates an ultra-wicking action unlike any towel you used before.  Silky soft premium plush Korean 70/30 blend fibers separated by waffle divots create a level of absorbency previously only imagined.  Add a super soft suede border and the this towel is truly in a league of its own.  

This 16" x 24" platinum colored towel is the perfect size to strap on your bag and baby your clubs with it's gentle softness. The grommet and locking carabiner will keep it securely attached to your bag and make the towel look even better than it already does.


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