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Loop Lyfe

Original Cherry Wood Ball Marker

Original Cherry Wood Ball Marker

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You just hit a brilliant shot onto the green. As you stroll up to the fringe you see you are inside the rest of your foursome and staring at a great chance for birdie and can walk away with the hole. It’s time to mark your ball and line up your putt. What do you reach for? Is it that dirty coin from your change at the gas station this morning? You could try and fumble with that little snap on your glove unless you lost that one 2 months ago. Or there was that obnoxiously large poker chip you got from that last charity event.

Might I suggest a better alternative? These beautiful, elegant Cherry Wood ball markers are perfect to show the class of your game doesn’t stop with your swing. The subtle grain of the wood with the slight reddish hue are a perfect match. Not too big to be in the way, but big enough and a strong enough contrast to see easily when reading that putt from the other side of the hole.

These laser cut and engraved ball markers are about the size of a quarter (~1" diameter) and sport 2 coats of finish to protect them when playing early morning rounds on dew covered greens.

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